SmartRecruiters Acquires Jobpal (chatbot)

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ATS providers enters the RPA market, will rebrand feature as “SmartPal”. Jobpal is based in Berlin and has just under 30 employees.

San Francisco – November 12, 2020 –  SmartRecruiters is excited to announce the acquisition of jobpal, an enterprise-grade chatbot technology, to take recruitment efficiency to the next level. The move enters SmartRecruiters into the rapidly growing recruitment process automation (RPA) market, where the future of recruiting prioritizes human interactions and automates repetitive, time consuming tasks. In a world where TA leaders receive 4X the candidate volume but have half the resources on their team, automation is the only way to keep up and continue to offer great experiences to everyone. As the leading talent acquisition suite, automation will be deeply embedded into every step of SmartRecruiters’ recruiting workflow engine to unlock massive efficiencies for hiring teams. 

In today’s climate, recruiting teams that have talent acquisition suites with automation and conversational AI are going to efficiently outperform the others,” says Megan Buttita, IDC Research Director. This is not just bolting on another point solution – the true power is behind connecting recruitment process automation directly into the workflow engine to optimize time and quality through every part of the hiring cycle.”

SmartRecruiters’ mission is to connect people to jobs at scale, and that means making hiring easy for enterprises and job search easy for people. To achieve this mission, the company sought to take automation and conversations to the next level. After surveying the market, SmartRecruiters chose jobpal for the impressive chatbot technology and enterprise readiness, with a proven record helping global customers like McDonald’s, Airbus and Deutsche Telekom deliver exceptional candidate experiences and qualified candidates. 

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“jobpal is where automation meets individualization,” shares Florian Schrodt, Head of Employer Branding at Zurich Public Transport. “The technology helps us improve thousands of candidate communications every month. With nearly 80% automated answers, our hiring teams are saving hundreds of hours that we can now dedicate to the most important task: relationship building and adding value to our candidates.”

The companies’ existing partnership and integrated technologies means new products are available now. SmartRecruiters is excited to introduce SmartPal, a family of recruiting chatbots that put repetitive interactions on autopilot and drive meaningful candidate conversations throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle to accelerate Hiring Success. By embedding a conversational layer on top of SmartRecruiters’ core workflow engine, SmartPal converts candidates 3x better, saves time, and enables recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks.

SmartPal delivers unparalleled hiring efficiency with:

  • Better candidate discovery: turns a passive job seeker into an active candidate by automatically answering FAQs 24/7 in multiple languages via all messaging platforms for a personalized job search experience 
  • Increased candidate conversion: helps candidates apply on the spot while qualifying, screening, and prioritizing their candidacy
  • Automated interview scheduling: takes the ease off recruiting teams and schedules interviews, the most tedious and time-consuming task of all

It’s clear that recruitment process automation is required to free recruiters from the mundane administrative tasks that keep them from doing what they do best – relationship building and hiring great people,” says Jerome Ternynck, Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters. “We’re excited for the future where candidates are better matched to jobs, and recruiters are better matched to people. Automation within the core talent acquisition suite is a big step towards achieving this mission.”

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To learn more, visit the SmartPal product page or contact German and French press releases also available upon request.

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