What your company can gain from clear career pathing

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Everyone needs clear purpose, regardless of their professional focus or field. Without it, monotony sets in. Whether it’s living an uninspired life or working a seemingly dead-end job, existing to perform a continuous series of mundane tasks is only sustainable for so long. 

Once chronic boredom presents itself, there are generally two possible paths: Settle into apathy and growing dissatisfaction, or make a major change to your existing position or environment. When it comes to managing employees, either one of those options is bad for business. 

People thrive when they have a purpose, and providing growth opportunities through career pathing can motivate employees by offering a clear roadmap to achieving their career goals.

What is career pathing?

Career pathing is the process of creating a career development track for individual employees – ideally one that aligns with an organization’s succession planning strategy. 

Being able to chart the potential career progression of team members can help employees feel confident about their future within an organization, and makes it easier for HR leaders to identify professional development opportunities that fulfill organizational talent priorities. 

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