The Need for Speed: Tips to Help Your Hiring Process Reach Maximum Velocity 

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A well-organized and efficient hiring process has always been important, but current conditions have made it an absolute necessity. The job openings rate is still elevated, but budgets are decreasing as the economic landscape becomes more and more complicated. Companies are looking at ways to improve their recruiting process in hopes of capturing more hires, more efficiently and at a better cost. Speed-to-hire is one area where many companies fall short. If your company is feeling the “need for speed” in their hiring process, this piece is for you.

Tips to help your hiring process reach maximum velocity: 

Passive Candidates: Whether they come as referrals, from networking, or by recruiter outreach, passive candidates often speed through the hiring process. Ensure your company has a robust, easy-to-use referral program. Invest in training your recruiters in best practices in networking and social media engagement. Introducing well-qualified passive candidates to the “perfect” position will make for a quicker than usual hire. 

Start Simple: Long, complicated, hard-to-find apply paths are a voluntary surrender in the current talent war. If you have not done so already, consider an initial process that only requires a lead form with basic contact info and 2-3 screening questions (be

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