With PI Perform, “Better Work, Better World” is closer than ever.

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“Better Work, Better World.” Here at The Predictive Index, that’s our mission: a pledge to improve the way we interact and collaborate at work, so we can sign off happier and healthier. When we make the workplace better, we make our lives better. It’s that simple.

We’ve built our brand on 65+ years of behavioral science, but our work is so much larger than our assessments. Over the past decade, we’ve established ourselves as the leader in the talent optimization space, helping 10,000+ clients worldwide hire better candidates, retain them longer, and manage with confidence. In 2023, we made quality-of-life updates to our software and expanded our suite by acquiring Charma, a performance management company.

Then, we took yet another step forward on the path to “Better Work, Better World.” Our latest product, PI Perform, launched back in February, and we’re thrilled with the reception so far.

Our product philosophy

When PI acquired Charma in late 2023, we did so recognizing just how fortunate we were. Not only did the company’s mission align with ours—to improve the way people manage and teams collaborate—but its software fit our product strategy like a glove.

In the years since I became CEO

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