How to Recruit (and Retain) the Gen Z Worker 

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As more of Gen Z — the oldest of whom turn 29 in 2024 — ages into the workforce, it is becoming increasingly important for recruitment and HR professionals to consider this generation’s needs when working to attract talent.  

Gen Z shares many worries and expectations with millennials, with a few key differences. For example, Gen Z pushes harder for the workplace support that millennials knew was lacking but made little action towards pre-pandemic. This makes recruiting Gen Z a fresh challenge that will force the HR and recruitment industries to rethink how they attract and grow talent. 

Gen Z Knows What It Wants  

To name a few, Gen Z is asking for financial education and support with money management, ongoing training and education, and mental health support through their workplaces.  

In order to attract Gen Z talent, talk isn’t enough. This is a generation that wants action, and they’re more than willing to change jobs or go freelance if they don’t get what they need. Having come of age during the pandemic and watching the generation before them struggle through recession, members of Gen Z are acutely aware how difficult working life can be — and they are willing

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